Service Contracts

Remote Management

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Rent-A-Nerd's remote management contracts give you the perks of an in-house IT staff without the overhead.

We use a complex suite of remote management tools that allow us to monitor the systems on your network and prevent problems before they occur. We provide monitoring and remote maintenance for your anti-virus, operating system errors, scheduled data backups, and more. We can also dispatch a technician to you when remote maintenance is not an option, or if you would like training or one-on-one support.

Remote Backup

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You won't have to worry about losing your mission critical data with one of our remote backup contracts.

One of our monthly or yearly backup contracts will ensure that your important data is safe and easily retrievable from our cloud-based servers. We also provide monitoring for your data backup, and we can assist you with any problems that may be preventing your information from backing up to our servers. Having an out-of-date backup can often have the same effect as not being able to access your data at all.

Real-time error monitoring, maintenance and repair, and support.
Monitored cloud-storage backup, and assisted data retrieval.

Contract Customer Support

Not only are we able to offer remote management and data backups of your computers and devices, but our contracts also come with built-in labor and discounts. Our contracts are based on a tiered pricing system. In each tier you are allotted a set number of hours for a technician to help you at your home or business, or to help you off-site. The higher the tier you purchase, the higher the alloted hours and discount will be. If you run out of hours, not to worry! We offer substantial discounts on our normal labor rates for any overages you may incur, and we will always let you know before you reach that point.

Each contract is tailored to suit your needs. Our first appointment is a consultation that will allow us to assess your needs, and suggest any beneficial changes that you may want to make to your operating environment. After a full network assessment we will design a quote to fit the services you need. The final step is to install and configure our remote management software on your devices. The entire process is quick and easy, and it requires very little of your time. Contact us today to schedule a consultation appointment!

Services Offered:
(price factor)

(per GB)
Managed Services
(per PC)
Cloud-Storage Data Backup w/ Monitoring check uncheck check
Network Monitoring w/ Error Reporting uncheck check check
Corporate Anti-Virus w/ Monitoring uncheck check check
Remote Repair & Maintenance uncheck check check
Network Content Filtering uncheck check check
Labor Overage Discounts uncheck check check
Built-in Service Hours uncheck check check
Phone Support check check check